Who is the Creatrix?


I inspire BEAUTY, TRUTH and FREEDOM in the world using OIL PAINTS, ORCHIDS and PUDDING.

As a professional artist, speaker and author, I invite you into my world.


Bella Rotta Style

Each orchid portrait I have captured is a celebration of Bella Rotta. Bella Rotta is the name I have given my style of oil painting. It is Italian for “beautifully imperfect”. The element of imperfection in my work is intentional. I believe that imperfection is the source of all great beauty. That is why I break my paintings.

The cracks in the oil paintings are real and intentional. I believe touching is loving. I use a ten-step process to create each painting with my hands, touching and loving it into existence.

Raitman Fine Art Galleries in Vail, Colorado.

Raitman Fine Art Galleries in Vail, Colorado.

I encourage viewers to touch and feel the cracks and torn edges. Making this physical connection with the art brings a sense of oneness that can only come with touch.

I love the meditation that accompanies manual labor and take great pride in my calloused hands. Each painting I create brings me a deeper sense of joy as I celebrate the fact that my imperfection is beautiful, as are my paintings.

The fine art galleries that represent my work are like family to me. I cherish the friendship and teamwork that has been formed over the years of working together. If you would like to learn more about Bella Rotta or find one of the fine art galleries that represents me, check out my art website, RolindaStotts.com .

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