Orchid Stories is the voice of so many who are sharing their message of hope and love in a touching way. Within these pages, Rolinda has created a movement by giving sacred space and voice to others so that they may share their stories, helping others to exist. May you be moved and inspired to share your own story as a result of reading this book.
— Fabienne Fredrickson, Boldheart Founder and Author
To see such beauty and elegance along with a heartfelt connection to Rolinda’s Orchid series has drawn such an emotional response to the paintings from our collectors that the joy of ownership has never been greater.
— Thomas Anthony, Gallery Owner Park City, Utah
I did not realize the impact the orchids had in my life until I was able to view Rolinda’s orchid paintings. It was like a powerful jolt of emotion and realism (both sad and joyous). It took me back to my Uncle Elmer’s orchids and made me wish my Mom and Uncle Elmer could see these paintings.
— Pablo Herr, Art Collector

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